CAC Mechanical Services Inc. takes a solutions based approach, concentrating on the custom design/installation of HVAC systems for cleanrooms, computer rooms, and critical environments across Salem, NH and surrounding areas. Our team of specialists are trained, experienced, and remain updated in progressive technology and strategies. As per your requirements, we implement a compliant system of heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment to properly maintain a clean environment, precise temperature, and stable humidity.

Clean Room & Computer Room Ventilation & Temperature Control Systems

The goals are quite simple yet achieved through a complex integration of targeted components and meticulous workmanship. We prevent contaminants from being introduced into the controlled environment from the outside and ensure existing pollutants are eliminated as swiftly and thoroughly as possible. Whether for new construction projects or existing structures, CAC Mechanical Services Inc. develops and incorporates effective and sustainable strategies. Drawing from extensive resources, including an on-site sheet metal fabrication shop, we uphold strict standards of quality, minimize turnaround, and deliver turnkey results. Contact CAC Mechanical Services Inc. at 603-267-0484 for a full range of clean room/computer room HVAC services and round the clock assistance across Salem, NH, Pelham, NH, Windham, NH, and Methuen, MA.

Maintenance Plans

Seasonal maintenance plans available. Keep your HVAC equipment running at its best all season long.

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