CAC Mechanical Services Inc. remains a leader in commercial exhaust and make-up air units and services in Salem, NH and surrounding areas. We take a solutions based approach to ventilation demands, providing the expertise, products, and everything you need to optimize the safety, health, and productivity of your facility. Our team of licensed professionals and extensive resources ensure the right strategies for your specific requirements. We handle everything from new design/installation to upgrades, vital maintenance, and reliable repair.

Exhaust System & Make-Up Air Unit Services

Commercial kitchen ventilation systems depend on interconnected and complex components operating in perfect harmony. Performance directly impacts the cleanliness and safety of the work environment, health of workers, and integrity of expensive equipment. CAC Mechanical Services Inc. implements lighter, durable ventilation systems to effectively handle strenuous and long-term demand. To ensure successful and consistent removal of smoke and debris, we highly recommend annual inspection and service of all makes and models of commercial exhaust systems.

Kitchen Hood Services

Kitchen hoods are crucial to a safe and comfortable cooking environment. Keep your kitchen and staff in top shape with kitchen hood repair, maintenance, cleaning, or installation from CAC Mechanical Services Inc.

Make-up air units are designed to replace 100% of the exhaust that was removed with non-contaminated air. The system draws fresh, tempered air from outside to improve indoor air quality, maintain a healthier environment and avoid depressurization. With the cold winters and hot summers in our local area, relying on unconditioned air for ventilation creates unpleasant indoor temperatures. Make-up air systems temper outside air, providing a more effective and consistent exchange of air and improving the health, safety, and comfort of the facility. CAC Mechanical Services Inc. designs and incorporates ideal and economical solutions to suit exact requirements and a full range of commercial applications across Salem, NH, Pelham, NH, Windham, NH, and Methuen, MA.

Maintenance Plans

Seasonal maintenance plans available. Keep your HVAC equipment running at its best all season long.

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