CAC Mechanical Services Inc. provides cost-saving and convenient solutions to the severe winter weather in Salem, NH and surrounding areas. We target both the inside and outside of your home, increasing value, enjoyment, and usability. Give us a call at 603-267-0484 to hear about the many advantages of radiant floor heating and snowmelt systems. We handle new construction projects and retrofit into existing residences, working closely with homeowners, architects, engineers, and contractors to achieve the most economical and energy efficient result possible.

Radiant Floor Heating Installation Benefits

The benefits of radiant floor heating are truly unmatched. The system is entirely concealed, takes up no living space, and accommodates zoned temperature control. Allergen-free and totally silent, this innovative style of heating avoids drafts and stratification. The heat is spread evenly across the floor and warms all objects sitting upon it. These surfaces further radiate heat, creating a more consistent and gentle comfort while allowing lower thermostat settings. Take advantage of our design/installation capabilities. The professionals from CAC Mechanical Services Inc. are qualified in all aspects of radiant floor heating.

Enjoy the convenience of a snowmelt system installation!

A snowmelt system eliminates shoveling, plowing, and paying for snow removal. There will be no more wet feet on the way to the car, digging out the driveway, or slipping on the ice. A temperature and moisture-sensitive control automatically starts up the system, melts away snow and ice, and maintains clear surfaces. Our experienced technicians properly install quality systems under driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more. CAC Mechanical Services Inc. provides the services you need to ensure peak efficiency, reliability, and longevity from your radiant flooring and snowmelt system anywhere throughout Salem, NH, Pelham, NH, Windham, NH, and Methuen, MA.

Maintenance Plans

Seasonal maintenance plans available. Keep your HVAC equipment running at its best all season long.

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